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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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Originally Posted by hase View Post
I really want to thank you for making this. It is a great starting point - especially for us newbies. I just got a uds and will be trying several things this weekend. I will report back on the results.
You bet. Honestly I first made it for myself and then figured I'd make it so that I could access it everywhere - which made it so everyone could access it.

It's not perfect of course (and I keep finding typos as well), but it's generally been fairly accurate. Of course there are always stubborn pieces of meat which stall for an eternity no matter what the temp - strange.

Anyhow, I l look forward to hearing back from you - let me know.

And again, as suggested by others, resting meat after the cook is a good thing - so when doing pork shoulders or brisket, feel free to calculate a long rest time. It'll allow for the meat to take a bit longer.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on what I could add to improve it I'm always open to suggestions.

I thought about doing an app but it works in a browser so who needs that?

All the best!
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