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Originally Posted by Smokeat View Post
Great looking plate! Always trips me out to see tacos in flour tortillas, just not seen here in SoCal.
Yeah truth be told I'm a corn tortilla guy myself. I'm just not choosy enough when it comes to making the tacos, and my wife, and every single one of my sons prefers flour tortillas. I just cave for the most part on that, they don't bother me, but I grew up with corn tortillas. When it comes to enchiladas if the family insists on flour ones I'll still whip up some corn tortillas and make myself some actual freaking enchiladas.

Originally Posted by gtr View Post
I've just been taking the bones from piggys I've cooked and throwing 'em in a pot of water with onions, celery, peppercorns, carrots, and all that other type stuff and letting it simmer for a long time then remove/strain the solids and reduce. The smoke flavor is from the initial cook of the pig - and I've saved bones from butt cooks and used those as well.

Man - throwing the bones in the smoker before making the stock - I may have to check that out. I'm pretty happy with the level of smoke flavor I'm getting now, but that sounds like some next level chit worth trying.

And I'm telling ya - next time you grind up some sausage, throw a little pork stock in there. Drippings from chuckies or briskets work great as well - nice deep flavor there.
Yeah when you said that about the sausage I decided I was definitely going to give that a go. I've got two butts in the deep freezer right now that's going to become some chorizo, Italian Sausage, and meatballs. (Mixed 50/50 with some ground beef.) Good idea to do it, especially to get the seasonings spread more evenly, and just to enhance the flavor. Not sure if you're a rice guy or not, but I just take some pork stock (if I'm having pork fried rice or carnitas or pork tacos or whatever) and some lard rendered from pork sitting in my fridge, and add that to the rice cooker. Ohhh man that is so good. I used to hate rice growing up, turned out my family just made bland nasty rice. I typically omit the pork fat for the sweet and sour pork though.
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