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Originally Posted by Big M1ke View Post
So what's the final verdict? Are you a hot and fast convert or are you sticking to low and slow?
Horses for courses I think. On a monday night when I want some Q I'll definitely use H/F for ribs. I haven't really figured out how to run the cooker at lower temps reliably yet. I may try a butt this weekend but if I am having trouble stabilizing at 225-ish I'll just run it up to 290-300 where it's easy.

Originally Posted by J'ville Grill View Post
Food look great! How are you liking cooking on your new Lang?
So far I'm a fan. Still working on figuring out how to attain/maintain a low temp. Higher temps are pretty easy to consistently maintain though. While cooking last night I popped 4 oven thermometers into the cooker and moved them around to different locations. Biggest temp spread I saw was just a tick under 10deg.
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