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Originally Posted by jazzybadger View Post
How do you do the smoked pork stock? You making the stock and then adding smoke to it in your pit? Or the bones are smoked? I've wondered about throwing the stock in there after I'm done making it for some extra smoky flavor, but worried about it not coming out the way I picture. Right now I take the bones from the smoked butts, or I smoke the bones after I cut them out of the butts when I'm grinding sausage, and then I make it all up into stock that way. I've been using my pressure cooker since I got it. Let it run for about an hour, and those bones become jelly mush. So awesome. Might have to throw it on the smoker after I strain that and see what happens.

Injecting butts with pork stock CANNOT be beaten man. I love that stuff so much. I've had a few people act completely shocked when I talk about pork stock. Can't disrespect those bones man! Especially when it tastes so good.

I've just been taking the bones from piggys I've cooked and throwing 'em in a pot of water with onions, celery, peppercorns, carrots, and all that other type stuff and letting it simmer for a long time then remove/strain the solids and reduce. The smoke flavor is from the initial cook of the pig - and I've saved bones from butt cooks and used those as well.

Man - throwing the bones in the smoker before making the stock - I may have to check that out. I'm pretty happy with the level of smoke flavor I'm getting now, but that sounds like some next level chit worth trying.

And I'm telling ya - next time you grind up some sausage, throw a little pork stock in there. Drippings from chuckies or briskets work great as well - nice deep flavor there.
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