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Default Introducing The 4 Banger-Lots of PrOn (Part 2 of Weekend Meatfest)

Hello All,

So This is part 2 of my weekend Meatfest with Mr. L and Mr. T.

My Fiance and I couldn't wait to get home from work to have dinner yesterday. We knew that we had lots of meat from yesterday's cook. She wanted the same sandwich as I had on Sunday. A wonder bread hamburger bun, brisket and sausage. I couldn't decide if I wanted a plate of meat or a Sandwich. I opted for the sandwich because they are so good. Well, since we had 4 different pieces of meat why not put them all together.

This is my tribute to Mr. L and Mr. T's hard work over the weekend. Brisket, Sausage, Pulled Pork and Ribs. 4 great meats together.

I call it the 4 Banger!

Everything laid out on the counter.

Pork Ribs sliced off the bone.

I decided to use a hot dog bun because I could get the whole sausage in there.

Scooped out some of the middle to create a nice pocket for the pork to settle in.

A bit of Mr. L's BBQ habanero sauce on the pork.

Sausage laid on top of the pork.

Brisket on one side. This brisket was awesome.

Sliced ribs laid onto the brisket. Sliced Onion

Coleslaw - Mr. L's light mustard and vinegar dressing

Fresh sliced Jalapeno's to meet my daily required vegetable intake

A couple of pickles.

That's the 4 Banger folks! Best 4 meat sandwich I've ever head.

The meat was so tasty and seasoned perfectly that I really didn't have to sauce too much.

Thank's for looking.
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