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Angry Both gaskets ripped off my Kamado Joe.

Brand new! First time I used it yesterday. I had a tri-tip on there for 2 1/2 hours, temp was 230, so it didn't even get that hot. I went to lift the lid (didn't lift it the whole cook) to take the meat off and the gaskets where stuck together in one little spot (I figured out later) and they just tore right apart. Did I do something wrong?? I'm so bummed. They didn't tear off clean either...seperated in half, so to replace them I'm gonna have to somehow get whats left of the old ones off. UGH.

Called the place where I got it and they where nice, but said someone would call me tomorrow. I bought the floor model and told the woman on the phone maybe it had been sitting around unused to long, but she said no, they just got that one in.

Anyone had this happen??
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