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Default Assistance with new backyard patio

Getting a new paver patio done in the next few weeks.

I was leaning towards a nice outdoor kitchen with built in grill, side burner, sink etc. But when I started thinking about it, I rarely use my propane grill in favor for a small charcoal grill. I use the propane in a pinch or if I have a very large group over.

So now I think the cost of the above would be a major waste. I am looking for an idea or examples of what the "feature" item could be instead of a gas bbq kitchen.

Maybe a charcoal pit?

Just confused and have a serious case of writers block per say.

Side note......

I gave two back doors. French doors in kitchen and a slider in my dining room which are next to each other. The doors are about 20 feet apart.

Would you close up the slider in the dining room? Or would you rather two entrances?

Thanks guys

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