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Default Hot N Fast Brisket - sorta

Soi I decided to try a brisket going hot and fast. I've seen several threads here discussing the merits (and cons, of course) but gave it a try. Here's what I attempted:
  • Started with a 12lb choice packer from Walmart.
  • Removed fat down to 1/8" as well as pockets and some of the fat between the flat and point.
  • Injected with beef broth and worchester, used remaining broth to marinade overnight
  • Dried off the next morning and coated with mustard and rub.

    Here's where things went off plan:
  • Cooked fat down while trying to get the smoker to 350F, never got past 275F. (FYI, I was using hickory and pecan wood.) Now I'm somewhere between hot and fast and low and slow!
  • At about 2 hours, I pulled it, wrapped it in foil with about a cup of apple juice and broth, and moved it to the oven at 350F.
  • Cooked for another 2 hours and then probed. The point was perfect, with the probe going in "like buttah" and hitting 204F. The flat, however, did not probe well. It was at 190F.

I rewrapped and let it go for another 30 minutes at 350F. At this point the probe inserted well in both the point and the ends of the flat, but still had some resistance in the center of the flat. However, the flat now registered 209F! I pulled the brisket, wrapped it in some new foil without the juices, and then some heavy towels, and let it rest for another hour or so.

In the end, the point was simply amazing, as were the ends of the flat. The center was still not as moist/soft was I would have liked. Of course the smoke penetration wasn't much, but I knew that would happen based on the short amount of time it was under smoke.

So, now the question - what went wrong? If I'm at 209F but still not probing easily, should I leave it alone until it does? Would the abbreviated time under smoke before foiling have done that? Any other suggestions?

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