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Originally Posted by toro168 View Post

New guy here. I finished my UDS and fired it up last night.

Are you guys also experiencing different temp reading between your dial thermometer vs your digital one? Mine is reading almost 60 to 80 deg difference.

My other question is this thing spit out way too much smoke, is there a reason why? I lighted it using the minion method and put in 2 chunk of cherry wood, let the temp go up to 280 deg and then I slowly close the air intake one at a time until it stabilized around 270 but white smoke were flowing out like crazy. Anything I can do to minimize the amount of smoke or is this the way to smoke meat? I have been using a propane smoke box in the past and this is my first charcoal smoker and I am worried my meat will be too smokey to eat?

Thanks for your advice and help
Most dial therms have a nut on the backside for adjustments. Dip the probe end in boiling water & adjust accordingly.

If you are wanting to cook at 270, I would suggest start closing off intakes at 250 & allow the drum to rise slowly to 270. Once you have the temp stabilized, the thick white smoke should give way to thin, blue smoke. Mine normally settles in & is producing thin blue smoke in about 30-40 mins from start up, but each drum reacts a little different.
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