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Default New WSM - First smoke

Just got a new WSM smoker 22.5". I've used a bradley smoker for the past 3-4yrs with decent results, but never really had the flavor I was looking for. I switched to this WSM last week and was very impressed to say the least. I was able to keep the temps in the 230 F range for the entire smoke with less hassle than what I was expecting. I smoked with hickory which produced a very nice smoke flavor, something I hadn't really tasted on the bradley despite my best efforts. I used the 3-2-1 method on these ribs with a rub I mixed up. The results were the best spare ribs I've ever made and possibly the best I've eaten anywhere. At $1.49 per lb at the grocery store I think I'm guna be putting some in the freezer for future smokes.

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