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Got Wood.
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Well I took the weekend off from working on the smoker. Figured I'd drive up to Tennessee and hunt opening weekend of bow season. After sitting in the stand for only about 2.5 hours the first morning I was able to pop I nice body doe.

So she is in a cooler curing for a few days. When I got back to Montgomery I was determined to get something cooked on the UDS. Have spent a lot of time building this thing I deserved to get to eat something off of it. So I decided to make a fatty.

I did it pretty simple just fried bacon, onions, and rib rub. Turned out amazing and the roommates we definitely happy. Cooking on it I found some modifications I want to make to it to include latches to lock the lid down and a table to hold the remote thermometer. The cook itself was the easiest part of the whole thing.

I coated the inside with vegetable oil while this thing was cooking to season the barrel. Ribs will go on one night this week.
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