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I was busy fiddling with new wireless meat probe, (awesome!) trying to figure out why my new dial temp gauge would not read over 200 (defective?) I used the wireless probe to get what I think was an accurate reading, and once that was in the meat, my old turkey fryer was what I relied on.

Also, the outside of the drum is still in its post burn out state, all grey, and will probably not get painted for a while.

I'd really like to paint them both Camo, but don't know If I can get those colors in Hi temp. I've seen some really eye catching barrels, but I doubt mine will be one.

I'll take a picture of the UDS I built, with the rod racks, and my old one too. It has slots cut thru the rim for the rods, the new one has holes. I thought lifting the rod, chicken and all was going to be an asset, but didn't use it as much as I thought.

Sounds like u do yours like the Pit Barrel Cooker
Funny thing. Noah and his twin brother. went to high school with my oldest daughter. His parents live across the street from me. I gave thought to buying one of his, but I'm a hands on kind of guy. He has done a great job with every aspect of his business. Great website, packaging, how to video's all well thought out and very professional.
I have about a 25 year head start on him but we all went to the same school of Barrel BBQ though.
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