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Tommy, In my heavy gage Brinkmann offset, I can use a varition of the Minion method and get 3-4 hour unattended burns without any techie add on's. It can also have charcoal loaded in the main chamber for use as a grill.

There are lots of ways to use a cooker. A lot of us just don't understand your aversion to tending a fire as we find it to be so theraputic. When we don't have time for therapy, we cook by other means.
You can always start a cook late in the day, smoke until you're ready to rack out and then wrap the meat up, put it in the oven and head for bed. Brisket for brunch is a wonderful thing, and it makes the house smell awesome.

More than one way to skin a cat Bro, ya just gotta find the alternate methods that work for you.
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