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Originally Posted by HBMTN View Post
I don't doubt it and I get it. But that mean one has to basically double everything. It means in reality they did 10k in sales and sold $5 items for $10. At $20k in sales and agreed up front to give the venue 1K plus 40% that means the vendor gets $9000 and just made more money that a vendor will.
I always want the promoter to make money and I don't care how much. I only like win/win situations. If the costs a vendor has to pay requires a sale price that "sold $5 items for $10", it's not gouging; it's just good costing.

Originally Posted by HBMTN View Post
I'm sure vendors are making money doing it or they would not be doing them but I just don't agree with paying anyone 40-50% any they don't even have risk. Or at least maybe if they are having an event that will bring 50k people and that is why they want a large % of sales then maybe they should guarantee the vendor an x number in gate or food sales, or they don't get that 40%.
Promoters do take a risk. Several in my area no longer exist or are losing huge sums of money. I agree that the fees should be commensurate with a realistic profit, but, some of the fees outlined in this post aren't necessarily excessive. I know of festivals that charge more than anything posted here and, they have a waiting list of vendors. Gilroy Garlic festival for example.
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