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Default Still haven't made up my mind

First post, great site and have a dilemma. I have used a small electric smoker for the past few years. I quit working and I got the bug to make a "real smoker". I acquired the the following and at first decided to make a vertical smoker with the following specs:
24" diameter x 66" long 1/4" wall pipe. The one end was cut pretty crooked. I cleaned it up. 2 doors. One for access to the fire grate and one for the smoke trays. The fire grate will be 22" below the first tray. There will be rack from 1/2" rebar 18" above that to hold a water pan that will also act as a heat diffuser. The tray holders will be spaced at 4" increments to the top. Weber 22 1/2" grill grates will be used for the food. The the fire grate will be made from 1/2" rebar. The only thing I haven't decided on yet is where to place the exhaust pipe. I was thinking 12" down from the top. That way the heat and smoke won't go straight up and out the top. This son of a gun will be heavy, but it will be put on casters.
This idea was posted on another forum ( found this one a little later) and was warned that this was not a good idea, to make an offset instead due to inherent temperature gradient problem with a vertical this size.. So now I am more than likely going with an offset.
I have read a lot here the last 2 weekends and have not found a lot of info on verticals. I was going vertical to save on space.
I thought I would get a second opinion here and hope to hear from someone who may have done what I was originally planing.

So any advice on why I should totally scrap the vertical plan for a horizontal would be greatly appreciated.

Also I hope to be able to participate on here later after I get more experience on the art of smoking. There are some awesome looking food posted here!

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