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Default Tomorrows supper...

Going on the smoker tonight!
This is the brisket I got from the new butcher I found.
It's 11 lbs before trimming. There wasn't too much to trim off really. I left a bit under 1/2' on the fat cap and it's injected with:
Beef stock 2 cups
1 tbls worcestershire
1 tbls soy sauce
1 tsp accent

Rubbed with SPOG

Pre-trimmed pic

And here it is trimmed, injected and rubbed

So this will go on at 11 tonight at 250f and get smoked with cherry for about 4-5 hrs I figure. Then wrapped and another 6-7 hrs. Or until probe tender. With my chuck I ran short on time, so I'm making sure this is done to perfection for supper tomorrow.

Thanks for lookin in and I'll be keepin this updated.
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