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I meant to type this last night, but fell asleeep, then come in this moning and it seems alot of the guys said it...

You entered into an interactive hobby... You gotta particiapte beyond preparing the meat. the level of participation is where we draw our lines.

Stick burning is therapy to some.(im one of them)... We get to chop wood, and sling an ax and play with fire, get all smokey, get covered with soot... and drink... and no one yells at us.. (Except when you wake up from a battle nap on an all night cook and theres a soot pile on the white egyption cotten pillow case and the wife goes off on you. Not that that has happened to me or anything).. then theres the "do u want to come shopping?(on a saturday afternoon) question from the better half. We have the ultimate excuse to NOT have to do anything..."I can't, i got stuff in the pit" is one of my favorite lines on that saturday afternoon. I dont have to go shop, and i get rewarded for it in the form of beer and bbq. :)

My point below is(this is one mans opinion), theres a few forms of cookers.. each with different characteristics, no matter what you do, they will still have those same characteristics. Trying to change those characteristics drastically is like Chad says, turbo charging a K-car.

Maybe consider putting the combined funds of the guru and chargriller into a higher end pit.. Brinkman has some 500-1000 dollar models.

Here my view of the bridges...

* no or minimal input like the Pellet cookers, Cookshacks and Fast eddys.. Even your green egg is minimal. You pretty much set and forget. The FE needs some tending. (KC can elaborate on that. Im no expert there).

*Then theres the propane and electric models. I think one of the better ones is Great Outdoors smokers.. Alot to choose form at Home depot, lowes and costco. these use gas or electric for heat and a smoke box of woodchips or pellets for smoke.. they require very little work.

* - Some input like the WSM's and Kettles they can go for 8-12 hours with a little stir or fidlling every few hours, but dont need much refueling..

* - high end stick burners like the Klose, Langs, etc.. My BYC can go for 2-3 hours at a clip just using logs if I plan it like that.. or 4-6 hours if I use a basket.

* the backyard models like the bandera and chargrillers... the need tending every 45 minutes. once u get the hang of it you can stretch it to 60-90. If you really want extended burns in thos you NEED a charcoal basket..
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