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Yes, I have a weber chimney I use to start up the lump if that is what you are referring to and after 15 minutes will dump it on the unlit lump if that is what you are referring to.

As for the exhaust I never touch it. I never understood what is the point of not keeping it all the way open the entire time. I have two of them and they are both 100% open.

But if your both talking about refilling it with lit fuel forget that! Not to mention weather complications here that come from nowhere sometimes. Offsets are for the tentative ones and it was fun when I had it now it's a whip and not to mention it gets expensive buying more fuel then I would have used with a uds.

I'd consider building a UDS if I can find a drum with a bunghole for cheap. If you can direct me to a site or something that would be great. I looked on ebay and craigslist in my area and found nothing. With the ridiculous prices on Craigslist for junky bbq grills that people is trying to sell, I bet someone could by mine more then I paid for it!
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