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Default maintaining the fire and heat in a offset

Hello, I'd like to run by this question. I currently have a vertical offset (Old Country bought from Academy Sports). It was very inefficient "as is" for 300$ so did mods such as high heat felt tape around the vertical chamber door and firebox on top and made a basket out of a weber crate and expanded steel (similar to my old uds). I used to have a uds and there are times I wish I still had it as it's "set it and leave it" with the minion method.

I've tried going to lump on my offset and works great as getting temps easily 300+ if I wanted if I left the intakes fully open. I was using charcoal and lump with 1 split, wait a half hour until I got clear smoke and would last about 2-3 hours until the temp would die down under 200, just small amounts of lit charcoal left and would add a split again. Would leave the door open to get rid of some of the cloud of smoke and get the wood going, close the door and close the intakes about half and at this point would only get 200-225 and would last 45 min to an hour and have to do it again until the wood would become charcoal. I like mesquite the best but have used also pecan, oak and hickory. The only place I could find logs/splits at a good rate is my local Academy. They also have apple but charge 30 for it and I'm not as much of a fan of it like others.

I personally found there is just too much smoke flavor in my meat period. The other attempts were to ditch logs/splits completely and just use a couple chunks of wood like I did with my uds and do the minion method with lump and I could still get good temps.

The thing even still is after about the 2-3 hour mark after having nice, blue smoke. I tried refilling the basket with some lump and then start getting the clouds of smoke which I do not want in my meat. I'm trying to figure out what is the best way of refilling without getting a bunch of the bitter smoke.

The best thing I have found is when it comes to refilling it is to foil the meat which I have seem some do in comps as they just want to get some color on the meat with the smoke then not get any afterwards plus it will cook a little faster.
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