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Default BBQ Bennie.....OMG!

Okay, what the heck? How come you guys never told me about this? I just ate the most amazing thing I've ever cooked myself, and maybe right up there with anything I've ever eaten. Total experiment, but OMG! Try this.

So, it started yesterday. I knew we were in for a deluge this weekend, so I wanted to get some PP smoked up for the weekend.

I started by rubbing down this little Boston roast early this afternoon. This is from a Tamworth my friend raised and we slaughtered and butchered ourselves. I cut myself small cuts so I could smoke often this summer, since I wanted to really test out my firebox.


I then got some apps ready. Stuffed some hot peppers from the greenhouse with cream cheese mixed with a little onion and garlic, and topped 'em with some home made rub. That's a little bacon from the same hog, which I smoked and froze last June or so....

After the roast smoked for about four hours, it had the bark I wanted....

So, I wrapped it up, and put in the peppers along with some mac and cheese I whipped up.

Here's what I had for dinner, while I finished smoking the PP..

Took off the roast after 8 hrs in the smoker and let it rest a couple, then pulled it and went to bed....

While all that was going on, I got some sourdough rising for the morning. Woke up today, put the bread in the oven, and starting mulling over what to have for breakfast. It's pouring rain here, so I'm just puttering around inside, I thought I get fancy and make some eggs benedict.

Looked in the fridge, saw a couple of those cream cheese stuffed peppers and the pulled pork, and thought, "why not?"

Got the bread out of the oven, and started in on the hollandaise. Here's what happened....

Seriously, try this. OMG. I mean, OMG.

Thanks for looking Brethren!!!
Cooking on a crazy contraption...

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