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Originally Posted by HBMTN View Post
Good point AcGuy, there are both sides. I help where I can but the ones that get me are like Bamabuzzard said, they come in asking for donations and you never see them for anything else. In your case you are just helping someone else but many want you to support their cause or kids and never give you any business.
It's the nature of it. Public schools are the worst! Picture a well meaning "mom" shows up to a school meeting and gets talked into a project. She's going to spend days trying to get her project funded. Every school needs these types of "moms" to survive. But your not going to see much gratitude out of her.

Here's a tip for business: Talk to your CPA about donations to a 501c3. Different business entities get different advantages. Corps get the best! Sole props get the fewest. It's possible to write off the sale price of a donated BBQ. There are lots of conditions but, it can help you on a slow Sunday or some such.

I've been a business owner/manager for over 30 years. It's why I try to be appreciative. And, make no mistake, if you help once, I'll be back. So I want to try and build a win/win relationship.
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