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Default Starting a restaurant-the process

Ok so I know I started another thread but thought I'd start this one to keep everyone updated on the process of it all. Maybe someone will learn along the way or maybe someone can give advice along the way. Either one sounds good to me!

So for anyone who hasn't read my other posts here's what's going on. We decided it would be great to start a restaurant. The original idea was to start smaller and have a mobile kitchen unit but things fell into place where it was smarter for us to do the restaurant thing. We have found a building and man does it need some work. It's white walls white floors and white ceilings with lots of glass. It's a little too diner right now and needs some work. But that's the easy part.

The hard part is the kitchen, this building is 30 years old and it's been sitting for the last 9 years it's in GREAT condition for sitting so long. It's got a custom 13' hood that's pretty nice and it's got a walk in cooler and freezer and that's it. I mention the cooler and freezer bc we learned today the nightmare that is them. The people who put them there before literally put them in the middle of the kitchen butted up to the hood. WHY?!? We are working with someone to see if we can change that. I HAVE to get you guys pictures because it's a strange set up. But the price is right on the building. We know how to do a lot of stuff ourselves and we've had a lot of help so far.

The health dept where we are at are VERY thorough before I can even start remodeling I have to submit detailed plans including every detail of the remodel. We have to list every food item where we are getting it from how it is packaged and where it will be stored. Luckily we are getting that underway right now. We are most likely going to be using US Foods and so far they have been very helpful. We have a lot to do and are hoping to get it done quickly but it will be RIGHT first and foremost. You only get once chance at a first impression and we don't want to blow it.

This will be a full service restaurant and we have the menu tentatively done i'm sure there will be tweaking. I will try to get pictures and the menu done for you all to see tonight. We have formed our llc we have opened business accounts and done all of that fun stuff so at least we are moving in the right direction. Hoping to get a smoker in the next week that will be large enough. ANY suggestions. We are looking at one in Georgia from custom pits and fabrication and they've been reasonable and helpful. As always we love suggestions!
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