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The only way I would do a PC sampling is if there is a good split with the organizer - i.e. 75% me 25% organizer or charity, paid in cash at the end of the event, held at a Indian casino where there is no health dept.

The last contest Brian is referring to above wanted the teams to fork over $20 for a health dept permit, for the privilege of handing out our leftovers for 20% of the ticket sales, divided EQUALLY among the teams who sampled. UH no - I'm not even covering the cost of the meat, let alone the hassle of the health dept. And a team that passes out 8 pieces of chicken is going to get the same amout as a team who cooks extra meat. And since there are different rules for different counties, it is nearly impossible to figure out what you can and cannot do in terms of reheating and holding meat. I would just rather give it to the judges to take home.
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