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Originally Posted by markdtn View Post
Thank you. I am the Scoutmaster so I am very proud of him.

How much tending is required with a block pit? I normally don't mind tending the fire, but this time is a little different. I look at Cowgirls blog on cooking a pig in the ground and it doesn't look too hard. I was just wanting to do most of the work the night before before family came so I could spend more time Saturday with the ones that came from far away.
The block pit needs to be tended every 30 to 45 minutes. Add coals at each end under the hams and shoulders. You want to keep the heat fairly low and steady throughout the cook. I like 225 to 250F.
block pit...

Getting the underground pit ready takes several hours. Burning the wood to get a good bed of hot coals takes awhile. 4 to 5 hours or so. You must use hardwoods so the coals will last through the night.
Getting the coals ready is a party in itself.
I like to get the pig in the ground around 10 pm then check it before noon. If anything is wrong I have time to add more heat before party time.
Underground pit..

Underground pits are great but you have to have that deep bed of hot hardwood coals and cover the pit air tight. Any air entering the pit will cause flair ups.

Good luck with what ever you do!
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