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Default Chicken wings - Is this cheating?

So I did my third run of wings on the UDS tonight after two utter failures. This batch turned out much better as I used a diffuser and cranked the heat up to over 300 for the cook.

Used two Simply Marvelous rubs - left wings in bags mixed with rub overnight.

Anyway I have done no saucing on my wings and when I took this batch off the texture and crispness were great but I didn't feel like the rub flavor was really present. So was a bit disappointed

But then I decided to shake some rub on them and suddenly they were fantastic wings.

My question is this: theoretically if I were turning wings in for a contest, is it fine to dust them with rub after they are cooked? I view it the same as saucing but for some reason the traditionalist in me is saying this would be viewed as a shortcut. Opinions?
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