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Get a small galvanized garbage can. Build a fire in it to burn out the zinc. Once you have that done you can do the following.

Place several layers of heavy duty aluminium foil on the ground. Put a foil pan down on top of the foil. Place a grate on top of the pan, place your packer on the grate. Turn the garbage can upside down to cover your pan/grate/packer. Surround the can with kingsford and cover the top with kingsford. Light the charcoal, sit back and drink beer. Keep adding charcoal as you need to. Once you have it as done as you would like, then you can reverse sear it to get a little more color on it.

Takes a stuffed chicken about an hour. For that I use a bundt cake pan with a piece of foil covered rebar sticking through the hole in the pan to set the chicken on. you can put veggies in the bundt cake pan.

When you are done clean up is easy. Put everything back in the garbage can, put the lid on and go. quite a few folks do this.
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