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Originally Posted by Gasket View Post
You know what? You may be on to something. I've had a couple of pieces that were basically just chunks of semi-burned logs. I figured I'd throw them in there and they would give me a little extra smoke flavor. They could have been the culprit all along.

Interesting. I have not thought of this since I always use KB (it's cheap and consistent).

I generally get TBS within an hour of lighting my chimney, which sits for about 15 min or so before I pour the coals onto the basket. Like I said, generally. There have been times when it has taken much longer to get there, and it seems to happen when I am in a time crunch. I don't see anything wrong with lighting the smoker up to 2 hours before I am ready to put my meat on. I've done it a few times now just so I don't feel like I am rushing to get things done, and the extra hour or so of burn time doesn't waste much coal.
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