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Originally Posted by ssv3 View Post
Nice!! I'm stocking up as well. I check any Costco that happens to be on my way. So far Burbank seems to be the only one in my proximity.

I am lucky that brethren reported LH was stocking them, and my wife drives by that store daily.

I am relatively new to smoking(meat), and to be honest, brisket scares the bejesus out of me. I would never had tried smoking brisket yet if not for this exceptionally good price.

I cooked my first briskey on Sunday, roughly using Bigabyte's 2009 tutorial, in a kettle with KBB and Pecan chunks. Around 8 hrs @~300, no wrapping, quickly exposes the cookers limitations. Was luscious, like butter infused beef. Will try more techniques this weekend on my next brisket victim.
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