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One of our businesses deals with equine products, this one gets the most requests for donations or advertising.
My brother runs this one, but we talk about all our ventures as a family.
We're asked regularly for donations or to advertise in such and such publication. Some good ones and some as you've said are just starting up.
We usually tell the new ones when you're up and going, with a good reader base come back. We run on a tight budget, like almost every business in this economy.
We donate to 4H and to youth equine groups as well sell at production cost to "Horses for the Handicapped". People think that since you're a business you have money to donate to every cause there is. Many just don't realize the bottom line is a thin one most of the time and it's a struggle to keep things afloat.
Hang in there and say no when you have too. That's just the reality of life.
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