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I didn't make it through all 764 (currently) pages of this thread, but I have skimmed MANY of them! Thank you to everyone for all the great advice, inspiration and ideas! Never had a smoker, and mostly used just gas grills previously, but I'll be putting together a UDS next week! I've got a drum on the way, and I cheated and ordered a kit from Big Poppa Smokers for my first build! I know it's not the cheapest route, but having everything necessary there and ready to put together was enticing. Can't wait for everything to show up and start building! Between all the steps of burning, wire brush/cleaning, drilling, painting, assembling, seasoning, etc...and fitting that all in to the work schedule, I hope to do my first real Q'n next weekend! Planning to go with a nice pork butt for the first go! Can't wait!
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