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Default Goat Leg (large)

New forum member here. Why not kick it off with a question?

I know my way around brisket. And ribs. And bistecca fiorentina (my specialty). I'm a Big Green Egg kind of guy.

What I don't know is goat leg. I've researched it, and there's a general paucity of data, and what is actually out there is conflicting.

So here's the deal. Around 8 pound leg, from a 6 month old, Boer breed. Should this be a low/slow deal, foiled for the last couple hours? Pull at what temp? Hold at that temp like a brisket, or serve right away? I haven't seen the product yet, so can't tell just how lean and sinewy it is. Obviously if very much so, then it should be low/slow, but the question of what temp is still open.

Your thoughts and experiences?


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