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Default Venting a little

As a business do you ever get tired of people asking for things? I have given a lot the 4 years that I have been in business but it gets more and more frustrating when people call, email or come up to me asking for donations or I should whip out $200 for an advertisement like it is loose change out of my pocket.

Like tonight I had a loose acquaintance email me and say she needed a favor, she was starting a magazine and needed her friends to support getting it off the ground and would I run a 1/8 page ad or better starting at $200. I wanted to say well if you want to get your magazine off and running why don't YOU spend money and advertise the magazine.

Another has had me sponsor things for their kids for the past few years which I have done. Only to find out that he makes triple the income that I do.

I do give a lot to charity but the more you give it seems like the more people you get asking for more. How do you all that have been in business for many years handle it without wanting to pull your hair out?

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