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Originally Posted by rdstoll View Post
What's helping me is that I'm documenting every smoke in Evernote - the good, the bad and the ugly.
I also frequently document. I do think it can be generally helpful. But, you also got to be careful. Just because your last three cooks hit 165 after 4 hours doesn't mean there is a problem if this one is only at 155 after 4 hours. It could be a slight difference in the temperature, the humidity, or maybe the meat is 1# bigger. You know what I mean. It is way to easy to overthink when you got a mountain of notes.

Originally Posted by boogiesnap View Post
i know where ya coming from. been there with all the experimenting and such.

i'm nowhere near where i was 2 years ago. for the worse, cuz i just don't cook as much.
Yeah. Not cooking often enough is definitely part of it. I just need to get back to smoking once a week on the same smoker rather than once a month with other random variables.

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