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Originally Posted by PNW Smoker View Post Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Insulated Food Gloves, Pair: Patio, Lawn & Garden

Picked these up recently. I have very large hands. They fit these gloves, and the fabric lining helps with removing. They would likely accommodate a slightly larger hand.

They are slick, but that seems to be a common trait among these glove types
These are a winner for me. I hesitated to buy these gloves because they look so slick. Well, after using the rest and hating them, I picked up a pair about 2 months ago. These are the gloves to have.

The problem with some of the other gloves is that they hate heat. Hot foods, such as butts, can be handled with these gloves, but over a short period of time the fingers become brittle and crack. Once they crack you cannot pull hot butts.

Another problem with some of these gloves in the fuzz on the inside. It will not dry! If the insides get wet from washing them it takes an act of God to get these gloves dry. Even with a hair dryer blowing into them...

And lastly, they're hard to clean. The grip really holds onto foods.

The Steven Raichlen gloves have none of these characteristics. They're slick, yes, but so much easier to clean! And, they last. Already they've lasted 4x longer than any of the other gloves. These are the gloves to have.
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