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Well guys its been a little longer than I had planned to get it to this stage but I have to say I am pleased with the how it is turning out. Phase one of this project is 90% done. Just need to figure out how I'm going to do my handle and get a larger dial thermometer for easier viewing. Phase 2 will be completing the trailer: need to but the trailer jack on and run lights to it and also get it registered. Phase 3 will be the grill.

So here a few pictures with it mounted on the trailer and complete minus the above.

Front View ( side of the trailer but where I will cook from)

Left View

Back View

Right View

Top views 1 - 3

View to show the height of it compared to me.

And the roommates who are working with me

Some might ask "Why model it after a beer of such low quality?" and my response shall be "Because it was the first beer in space, and that's a fact."

I will probably end up putting another natty logo on the back side or possibly some other logo such as what we call ourselves. But for now I am happy with it.

I borrowed my brother's charcoal basket out of my his UDS that my uncle countyliner made for him until he comes down with the one he made for me. Lit a good amount of charcoal up and got it burning at about 400 degrees (all the intakes wide open) and it stayed there for a few hours until I choked it out. I used high temp engine enamel paint so I needed to heat it up to cure the paint. One thing I did notice is that there was no paint fume smell once it got hot, must be because of the type of paint.

I was a little worried about the heat of the barrel being so close to the wheels since I don't have fenders yet. However to my surprise the paint seemed to block that. You could touch the barrel with no worries of even being burned. The trailer nor the tires ever warmed up. So that's a good sign to me that the fenders will only have to keep the road grime off my UDS and eventually the grill.

I know this was a really long post but trying to be thorough. Look forward to everyone's reaction
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