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Originally Posted by George View Post
I have to agree with Goldenfinger and Charcoal addict, there's not a lot of choice up here. I've had bags of RO with huge chunks, and bags with mostly little pieces, but I've also tried the Maple leaf lump that everyone loves, and I really don't taste much of a flavor difference.
Hey George,
Do you guys have a decent BBQ store in there..? I used to have a really good one in Calgary, but it'd be a bit of a drive now for sure. Definitely nothing where I am... unless you count HD or CdnTire.

Otherwise, might be worth it to have a pallet of good quality charcoal delivered to Border Services and make the drive to pick it up..?

Not too concerned though... the RO still gets it done in both my Weber and UDS without too many complaints... The rest of the charcoal here at either HD, CdnTire or Wally World burns really bad... lots of waste, ash and hard to keep going if the humidity is high...
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