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Originally Posted by Goldenfinger View Post
Here's the bar code and maker's label... good to go I think...

Clearly a Canadian addition bag... notice the "en francais" label from the rear of the bag...

I've had everything from small pieces that fall through my Performer's grate to pieces of 1" x 6" @ nearly 6" long come out of these things..?

It's passable but not as good as RO's red bag lump. There's a lot of flat hardwood floor lumber mill scrap in the bag. It's the so-so RO they pawn off on Canadians.

I use it for Hot dogs and Kamado scrub. Too much ash for low and slows and it has a pretty horrid scent when you first light it. Once it gets going it's not so bad. It smells like a burning house when you first light it. There's usually 4-6 I carbonized pieces per a bag. The overall large piece size is good.
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