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Found some matches.
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Default The CL Gods are smiling on me...

I just picked up my newest score, a 2004 Weber Performer for $50 bucks on CL. I had to rent a truck to get it ($2, but it was worth it. It's in mint shape. The guy threw in an incredibly large stainless wok, a cover, a Weber salt/pepper shaker (not sure what to do with these since I have that covered in the house), a weber beer can chick stand, and a container that's suppose to be used for soaking chips (not sure I'll use this either since I already have an offset and don't often soak my chips). I reached out to Weber to see if the warranty would cover a kettle and lid replacement, but it's really just slightly faded/warn so I doubt they will.

Earlier in the summer I picked a green 1990 for $50 that needed a ton of parts replaced. So I order about $80 worth of parts from Weber, and have been using it all Summer.

Wife says one has to go, which I understand since we live in the city and only have a small patio space for all the grills. The '04 is in better shape overall, the '90 has some rust on the frame, but it solid over all. The '90 currently doesn't have a small tank on it, but I did find a place the would fill on for me if I got a new one with quick connect. They also pointed me in the direction where I could get one. Not sure what grill to keep. Thoughts?

Pictures to come...
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