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Originally Posted by lavinjj View Post
I just finished up an experiment this weekend with one of my new UDS builds. I actually went with the 8 holes in the lid instead of using the existing 2 inch hole and noticed that the variance in temperature across the grill was greatly reduced.

With the single 2 inch exhaust I was seeing a 30 degree difference between the side of the barrel where my thermometer was and the center of the grill. I also saw another 20 degree difference higher where the exhaust was.

With the 8 exhaust holes I saw about a 15 degree difference between the side of the barrel and the center of the grill and the hot spot was gone altogether.

Based on that I would say the eight holes helps to distribute the heat across your grill compared to using a single exhaust.
Thanks for the feedback. I remember you talking about trying that. Good to see that it has a positive effect. What size or the holes? Pipe nipples with a cap or what?

I wonder what the temp differences will be on this first UDS. It has a domed lid with a large single intake that is only just off-center at the top of the dome. It is almost closer to the handle, I think, than the exhaust on a typical Weber kettle is (this one is a Charbroil copy). That might have a positive impact on the temp spread.
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