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Originally Posted by Fwismoker View Post
Yea close all the intakes and hook the IQ up to a ball valve. They have 3/4 and 1 inch adapters, hopefully you have one.
Originally Posted by woodbutcher1 View Post
Hey Shawn!
This is what i had to do had to my IQ-110 after my second overnight er. Had to get up for a nature's call and decided to take a quick look at my Maverick-732. I could not believe that my drum was sitting at 400*. The Red light on the IQ just blinking. The wind had shifted during the night and was gusting up to 25 mph.
Blowing air right through the openings of the unit. The fan never ran. Duct tape to the rescue . I left only 1 opening on the fans grill. Now when i use it, the fan has to do its job by working just a little harder and longer.
Thank you I will keep that in mind
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