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Default Smoked King Crab Legs???

The wife’s bday is next month and she loves crab legs, so I would like to smoke some. I searched the forum and found others have done this and liked it and others said it makes them tough. I know that all crab is pre-cooked and you just have to warm it up.

My plan would be to get some king crab legs, wash the ice off (if any) the day before and store in the refrigerator to defrost. The day of I plan on cutting the shell length wise to make pulling the meat easier and letting the smoke in. Get the UDS to about 225, add some guava wood and smoke the crab legs till warm. Also I will add a small cup of butter and garlic in the UDS to capture some of the smoke flavor.

My questions are:
1. Is it even a good idea to smoke crab legs?
2. What is the general consensus about smoking crab legs?
3. Should I add butter and seasoning (old bay) to the crab legs through the cut?
4. What temp should I smoke to (150-155)?
5. Any other suggestions?
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