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Originally Posted by SmokinM View Post
Looking good. Did you cook indirect the whole way?
I did do the entire cook indirect. The idea was that I'd leave it all indirect and have some time to be upstairs watching the game. Didnt really work out that way, but that's life. I think next time I'd do 40 minutes indirect and about 20 direct flipping and moving the whole time for super crispy skin.

Originally Posted by SkinnyVinny View Post
Wow looks great!
Is this italian dressing marinade a popular thing? First I heard of it.
Thanks for the good words. I don't know if this is "popular", but it is the easiest way I have to get a nice marinade on the chicken. I do the same for whole chicken. It's not a brine, but the saltiness and seasoning of Italian Dressing does a solid job. On my whole chickens I rub it under the skin ect.
I found some amazing marinades and preps for wings, but just didnt happen this time.

I was a bit dissapointed in crispiness, but my wife was stoked about the crispy ends and crunch in each wing. The thing that did it for me was the tenderness. All that fattiness that you can find in chicken....all melted away. Each wing peeled apart easily and you could slide the meat off the bone. When I was prepping about 18 wings/drums, I thought "this is WAY too much for 2 of us". These arent restaurant size wings.
Few beers later....we mashed up some delicious wings! They ain't perfect, but I'll try and try again :-) thanks for all the encouragement and hints.
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