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Default Gravity Fed Smoker

I'm seriously thinking of getting a gravity fed smoker next year. I know that there are several out there and was wondering if any of you had the gravity fed charcoal type smoker. I just can't get real excited about a stick burner as all I hear that its an all nighter fighting with the temp. Whereas with a gravity fed smoker, you get even cooking temp for many hours and Q that is just as good as stick burners. (Although I'm sure that is up for debate also)

I was looking at a Stumps. Is that the cream of the crop? Or there others better? Worse? Best bang for the buck?

I'm not wanting to do competitions with it, I just want to do some killer Q with a quality smoker other then the cheap thin smokers out there that are fine for the beginner, but I'm ready to go to the next step.

Thanks in advance.
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