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I really do not know.

I have made several pizzas since this video was made and I have not noticed any change in the Weber at all. This is not to say over time that the charcoal rack might have to be replaced.

One thing that I did notice and observe: I think that I either could use smaller pieces of wood or one single large piece of wood to get my temperature to the 700 degree point. Generally, my wife and I will only eat one pizza. The wood that I have been placing into the kettle is enough for 3 to 4 14 inch pizzas.

When you are not using the Kettlepizza attachment to cook pizzas, you can use the attachment to cook other things. For example an additional grill for the 22.5 can be placed on top of the Kettlepizza attachment in addition to the grill for making pizza. What this does is it allows me to cook chicken on the lower grill, or some other meat and perhaps a vegetable like corn on the upper grill below the dome lid.

Good question.

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