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Originally Posted by Kathy's Smokin' View Post
The guy on the TV said the boxes have to be identical in garnishing and overall look so the judges won't know who submitted what and therefore fairness is preserved.

There, a quality post from me in Comp.

The guy on TV is wrong. There's no-thing, no-where, no-how that says boxes must be identical. There's a lot of variation in contest boxes. Marking is prohibited but there's a lot of variation in building boxes.

Originally Posted by Kathy's Smokin' View Post
. . . If one entrant goes to kale, all of KCBS must agree to go to kale -- and therein lies a lot of extra work and co-ordination for something they consider already 'fixed'.
So why then do we have boxes of flat parsley, curly parsley or one of over 100 types of lettuce (the only exception is red-tipped lettuce which is illegal)?

All of my remarks are just to show how ignorant some of the so-called "experts" in the media can be. I don't know the thinking on why kale wasn't allowed in the beginning but for some media clown to come up with this is just crazy - he ought to judge a contest or two to see just how "identical" the boxes are. Sheesh!
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