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Default Wings for dissapointing sunday football

Took my first shot at wings, and pretty happy with the way they turned out.
I'm a Redskins fan since the day I was born. I was born on a Sunday and my parents ordered a pizza in the hospital and watched the Skins game. Bad loss, but here's what I could control today....

Marinated drums and wings in Wishbone Italian dressing about 4 hours before cook to soak in.

Seasoned with S&P and bit of garlic powder. Then on the grill about 325-350.

About 30 minutes in, I flipped them.

Followed this recipe for a Wings Sauce. Smokey and delicous. Hot, but not too hot that you dont know you're eating chicken. I should have tossed all wings in this right before they hit the plate. Got distracted and just slapped it on the wings for the last few minutes on the grill.

Finishing up the wings while I load on the onions to simmer and soften up a bit.

Last few onions coming off the CI. Had to move it to the gas grill for time and a few other reasons.

Plated...and a few minutes later.

I know this is a A LOT of pics just for some wings. I got a lot of help from a lot of people here and elsewhere. Thanks for sharing knowledge! My wife eats wings but they need to be HER WAY.....sure some of you can relate to these kind of cooks. She wants CRISPY, fat rendered spicy and juicy. Not like restaurant wings that are (on average) a bit fatty, flash fried and lack flavor.

She was ecstatic! Raved about them. We already are planning another batch in the future with a few adjustments to strive for perfection. Thanks for looking.
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