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Default Experimenting:Leg of Lamb & "Pumpkin Pie" (Pr0n)

I wanted to have some fun and try out some new stuff for me.

I started with a boneless leg of lamb from Costco. 4.2 lbs. Unrolled it, trimmed off most of the fat and then rubbed it with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme, cilantro:

Then I realized I didn't have any string to re-roll it it, so just stuck some skewers through it and began the smoke! Mesquite wood for 1.5 hours:

Kept the temp fairly low, to avoid overcooking. Took it off the smoke to vacuum seal it for the Sous-Vide. Unrolled it just for ease. Unfortunately, I can't afford an actual vacuum sealer, so I had to cut some of the leg off to fit it into the Ziplock gallon vacuum bags:

Stuck it in my Sous-Vide setup for ~18 hours at 136°F:

Next came the "Pumpkin Pie". My local farmer's market has pumpkins now, so I picked one up and wanted to make something with it:

Cut off the top, scooped out the innards and stuck it in the smoker for 30 minutes with apple wood, and some leftover mesquite from the leg. Sprinkled some salt, pepper, garlic, thyme, cinnamon & allspice on it. I roasted the seeds with S&P for snacks later on. That inside was just begging me to stick something in it:

Sauteed some onions & mushrooms, cut up a goat meat sausage, took the smaller 'extra' meat of the lamb leg and cut some up as well.

Stuck all this inside the pumpkin with some grated cheese:

I really needed something to hold it all together in there and fill the empty space, so I mixed up some custard and poured it in. Afterwards, stuck it back in the smoker to cook:


Sliced up the lamb. Has a pretty good smoke ring, didn't really take any good pictures of it though (since I unrolled it after smoking, the ring is only along one side of the meat).

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