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Default Dino Bones & 2 Chuckies cooked like a brisket...

... that was cooked like a chuckie.

Haven't cooked anything in a while so I figured I'd fire up the drum while I work on my other smoker build.

The top chuckie just has S&P on it, the bottom has my Dynamite(TM) Brisket Rub. The 2 racks on the left have my Dynamite(TM) Rib Rub, which my wife really liked last time, and the 2 racks on the right just some coarse salt & pepper, which I really liked last time.

The racks are all totally mutilated by whatever blind amputee cut them, so I'm only gonna smoke them for an hour, hour and a half and then wrap in foil to keep them from drying out and getting too dark.

I post more pics later. Thanks for lookin!
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