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Originally Posted by wearcd View Post
Just curious; how many of those can you expect to be stolen by customers, on average? Is it a significant problem, restaurant owners? They do look nice, for sure!
Have used them 3 years now and never lost a single one.

Originally Posted by Slamdunkpro View Post
One down side to Aluminum / Steel sheet pans. They act as heat sinks and suck the heat right out of your food.
The paper guards against that.

Originally Posted by Pigs on Fire View Post
Yep and then I get to eat off of a piece of paper that has been in contact with the underside of a tray/basket/etc.

Whenever I see them pre-stacked, I either leave or ask that a new piece of paper be used.
A plate that has been stacked by a dishwasher with wet hands is cleaner?
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