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Default How do my Ribs look (pr0n)?

Very glad to have found this forum. Been learning so much in a short time and I want to cook something whenever I have free time! So first and foremost, thank you BRETHREN.

Had a chance to cook some ribs today. Been reading a lot on 3-2-1, wrap, no wrap, etc. Decided to just keep it simple using salt & pepper for one rack, and and Big Ron's Hint of Houston Rub. Cooked at average 235 degrees for a ~6 hours on the WSM, foiled empty water pan. Pulled after passing bend and toothpick test.

Everything turned out pretty good to my inexperienced eyes and taste buds. One racked was a little more tender, and the other pulled off the bone a little too easy. But all-in-all I felt like I did a decent job.

What do you think

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